Saint Petersburg 2020





Question: I would like to take part in the Competition, but I am older/under the age stated in the Conditions
Answer: Unfortunately, you may not take part in the Competition.


Question: When is the deadline of application submission due to?
Answer: The Application deadline is at 24:00 hours St. Petersburg time (GMT+3) on 26 June , 2020.


Question: I have already proceeded with an application, but I’d like to change my competition repertoire.
Answer: Changes to the repertoire will be accepted to 1 May 2020. We kindly ask you to send us an e-mail to with new repertoire attached.


Question: May I perform pieces from the Rounds I of the Competition on the Qualifying round?
Answer: Yes, you may,


Question: Should the video be recorded in a studio or is it possible to enclose an unprofessional recording?
Answer: An unprofessional video recording may be submitted.


Question: When a sonata/concerto performance is recorded on a video, is it ok to turn off the camera during the breaks between the parts?
Answer: It is not allowed to turn off the camera, as there should be no record interruption during the performance of one piece of music.


Question: May I attach a video recording where I perform different pieces of music on different sites?
Answer:  No, you may not. All the pieces should be performed on one site.


Question: Is it possible to send a video recording of my performance with orchestra?
Answer: Yes, it is possible if you are performing solo with orchestra.

Question: Where should I upload a video recording to in order to submit it as a web-link?
Answer: Videos can be uploaded to any video-hosting site, but please note, that access to some web-sites may be limited in some countries.

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For any futher information or applying to the competition, please call: 


+852 9584 5285